Bonefish Eleuthera


Welcome to the Bahamian Out-Island of Eleuthera

An island where bonefish come to play on the pink sands of some of the most beautiful beaches that the Bahamas has to offer. An island where adventure brings visitors to breathtaking sights. An island where beauty is around every corner for those adventurers who are willing to look.

We invite you to come to Eleuthera in search of bonefish. Here, the bonefishing does not require a guide or a boat. Here, you may go on your own and feel the pride in catching these elusive fish without the assistance of a guide.

We would like to assist you in this quest and along the way, show you some of the beauty that Eleuthera has to offer the adventurous traveler.

Eleuthera Bonefish

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We appologize and hope that you'll find this site as your source for bonefishing on the beautiful island of Eleuthera.